PRINCETON — North Gibson school trustees awarded a bid to KPS Commercial Construction Monday to begin revitalizing Gil Hodges Field at Lafayette Park in Princeton.

The Arcadia-based contractor submitted the lowest base bid of $745,000 among seven bids received.

The school board awarded the bid in special session Monday, after bids were received last week and presented to the board in a special session by VPS Architecture.

At that time, contact needed to be made with KPS as a part of the bid verification process, and the board members wanted time to review the bids.

Bids were higher than the budgeted $500,000 for the first phase of the project, so during the Sept. 8 special session, North Gibson Superintendent Brian Harmon suggested combining funding for phase one and phase two, to still be completed over two years, to cover this portion.

This would add in alternates for press box and bleacher complex work, which were $45,688 and $54,962 respectively, for a total cost of $845,650.

This would mean no additional work would be started on the project until 2022.

The total cost discussed during Monday’s special meeting did not include a cost for sod, which was one of the main reasons the timeline was considered so important to have the project on track for the February 2021 completion date.

Architect George Link of VPS, told the board that sod had not been bid in the initial portion, as originally thought. He gave them an estimate of around $28,000 based on some quotes he had gotten prior to the meeting, but said he would have official quotes for them to review.

Board member Amy Bingham questioned one portion of the bid, which showed a $2,000 cost for a new flag pole. Bingham said she felt that was a high cost and wondered if the existing pole could still be used.

Travis Nolcox, board member, said there are two poles there, one of which is a commercial pole that he felt could be utilized.

Link said he could put in a change order which would remove the flag pole from this part of the project.

The board unanimously approved awarding the $845,650 bid to KPS.

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