OAKLAND CITY — Oakland City Police Chief Tim Gaines told the Board of Works Tuesday there have been quite a few complaints to his department about golf cart use in town.

Gaines said they have received calls about golf carts being operated on Main Street and Morton Street, which are both state highways.

Morton is Ind. 64 and Main is Ind. 357. Indiana Code prohibits operating golf carts on state highways.

Gaines said there have also been calls about underage drivers. Golf carts can only be operated by community members with a valid operator license.

He also issued the reminder that carts cannot be overloaded. There should not be more people in the cart than there are allotted seats.

Gaines also told Mayor James Deffendall the department has been tagging abandoned vehicles. He also said he was under the impression, due to state law, that residents had 72 hours to take care of their tagged vehicles, but found the local ordinance allowed 10 days.

Deffendall said he would take a look at the ordinance and its specifications.

Council member A.J. Cooper said that in this effort to clean up the city, he hoped officials are also working with community members.

Cooper referred back to a situation of his own in which he had a truck with a failed transmission that he was not able to put the money out to fix for a while. “Let’s think about our public and the situation they might be in,” he said.

Ordinance enforcement continued to be a theme in the Board of Works meeting, with building inspector Butch Corn updating efforts to fine property owners who are in violation of nuisance law.

The city has assessed more than $1,000 in fines over the last three weeks. Most of the fines have been in connection to grass violations.

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