OAKLAND CITY — The Oakland City Board of Works and Common Council meetings Tuesday evening were the last for a while.

Mayor James Deffendall reported the city would suspend meetings for the time being, as communities adjust to new regulations connected to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tuesday’s meeting was done with a mix of in-person council members and others over the phone with community members.

“This is the first time this has ever happened,” Deffendall said. “We are doing our best to accommodate everyone due to the governor’s wishes.”

During the board of works meeting Tuesday, Charlie Cochren was given permission to approve claims going forward.

The board also authorized the purchase of a sewer camera dependent upon funding.

“We do have it in our sewer (budget),” Deffendall said, “but we don’t want to drain it.”

The Common Council approved an ordinance to allow for the purchase of a used police car.

Ordinance 2020-1 allows additional appropriations to be made into the police department budget for a capital asset.

A second ordinance for the police department was approved to a create a department donation fund.

“That is going to be if a department gets any donations, they have a line item it can be put into and use that money as deemed necessary for the department,” Deffendall said.

A resolution was also approved to have the city reimburse Michael McGregor for his purchase of a police car last year. The total was $5,000.

McGregor abstained from the vote.

In its last piece of regular business, the council agreed to add Clerk-Treasurer Susie Basham to city medical insurance.

The salary ordinance is already in place which allows that, but it was not discussed when Basham took office.

“We would like to allow her to get on the insurance so she can be covered,” Deffendall said.


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