HAUBSTADT — Haubstadt's zoning policy continues to create a buffer zone for potential wind turbines in that area and it's led to less questions for the town's zoning administrator in the past couple of months.

Joe Gilpatrick said the majority of comment and concern he heard came a couple months back.

"I think everyone is resting a little more easy that we do have the two-mile extraterritorial limit around Haubstadt," he said.

There was a question recently as to whether or not E.ON had leased land within that limit, but Gilpatrick said from what he could tell, that seemed to be a glitch in the mapping.

"There is a piece of property that falls within the two miles that is controlled by a farm company that has leased to them in Posey County," he said. "(But as far as I know) there are no plans for them to try to build anything that location."

If they were to look at building in that area, Gilpatrick said he would have to be contacted and the company would be required to go through the process of seeking a variance.

"They’re going to have to jump through several hoops," he said.

Gilpatrick said he has not been contacted by E.ON at this point with questions or requests, and to his knowledge neither has any other representative of the town.

Despite not seeing anything coming in the near future, he said he is paying attention to potential properties in the two-mile limit.

"I’m keeping an eye out just to make sure," he said.

E.ON representatives told residents at a public meeting of Gibson County Commissioners in the North Annex this spring that the company is leasing property for a proposed wind farm in Gibson and Posey Counties.

Haubstadt and the City of Princeton are the only government entities in the county with land use ordinances (zoning) in place that would require variance requests from the two-mile jurisdiction of each community's corporate limits.

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