PRINCETON — A Princeton man pleaded guilty to conspiracy to deal in methamphetamine and dealing in methamphetamine in an amount greater than 10 grams Wednesday in Gibson County Circuit Court.

Clay Boyer was sentenced to a total of 30 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections. Boyer had multiple charges meth-related charges pending, which were dismissed with prejudice by the court in accordance to the plea agreement.

In the conspiracy to deal methamphetamine count, Boyer was sentenced to 15 years and in the count of dealing methamphetamine over 10 grams, 15 years with the first 12 years executed, followed by one year executed with work release if eligible and 2 years suspended to probation. There was also a $10 fine, $200 Drug Interdiction Fee, fees and court costs included in the sentence.

Court records show Boyer will retain the right to file for a modification of his sentence, but the State must consent to the granting of any modification. The State reserves the right to not consent to any modification filed, but agrees to consider the merits of any modification filed before withholding its consent.

A release from Gibson County Prosecutor Michael Cochren states Boyer’s arrest in 2019, and his arrest while out on bond in 2020, were the result of a detailed drug investigation by the Princeton Police Department with cooperation by the Indiana State Police.

“This sentence is due to the diligent efforts of the Gibson County Sheriff’s Department, the Princeton Police Department and the Indiana State Police to help eliminate the blight of methamphetamine,” Cochren stated in the release. “Justice demands that those at the top of the distribution of methamphetamine chain be held more accountable and this was done today.”

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