PRINCETON — Parks Superintendent Brent Denbo is disgusted.

Within just a few months of completing improvements to Lincoln Park's Deda Young Kiddie Park and the skate park, he faced major damage at the park earlier this week.

Denbo said someone smashed into new fencing, destroyed a sign and did major damage to a piece of playground equipment at Deda Young Kiddie Park. He estimated it will cost about $4,500 to replace the fencing with some heavy-duty chainlink fencing to prevent future incidents.

Thursday morning, he was on the phone with Princeton Police to make a vandalism report for Lafayette Park's Kiddieland park restrooms. Someone busted a lock and destroyed fixtures in the bathroom overnight.

He's hoping park neighbors and the public will report any suspicious activity at the park properties, noting that the vandalism seems to come in cycles.

"When I first became parks superintendent, it seemed all the vandalism was done at South Side Park. Now that we have more people out playing disc golf, softball and walking the trails at South Side, the vandalism has decreased. But it has increased at Lafayette Park and Lincoln Park," he said.

Denbo said the parks maintenance and improvement projects are continuous work for city employees, and the vandalism just sets them back in their progress and prevents the public from enjoying the park facilities.

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