PRINCETON — Princeton's Board of Public Works and Safety Monday opened bids for a 2,000 feet sewer main extension to provide sewer access on the west side of U.S. 41 at Enon Church Road.

The project, discussed and developed last fall, would run a sewer main along CR350 South (Enon Church Road) under the four-lane U.S. 41, providing a utility not available on the west side of the highway now. Members opened five bids ranging from $800,000 from Sega Ag Works Inc. of Cisna Park, Illinois to $2,952,150 from Infrastructure Systems Inc. of Orleans.

Board of works members J.B. Brines and Cliff Ingram took the bids under advisement for action at next month's meeting.

The board also voted to fill two vacant wastewater treatment facility positions, contingent upon the Princeton Common Council funding the positions.

At Monday night's common council session, Charles Stover of Princeton asked council members if it's possible to acquire some of the millings being removed from city streets, to improve the drive at Maple Hill Cemetery. Councilmember Sheri Greene told Stover the city plans to use the millings for improving alleys in town and it's not clear whether there will be enough material to sell.

Caleb Duncan asked the council whether there's any update on plans to sell the three garbage collection compactor trucks that were used by the city before trash collection was privatized. Greene told Duncan the vehicles will probably be advertise for sale by sealed bid, offered individually, sometime next month.

In Monday's Princeton Fire Territory board of trustees meeting, PFT Chief Mike Pflug reported the department's new fire truck should be placed in service by the end of the month. He told the board he has one firefighter off on worker compensation and another that will be on medical leave.

In his monthly report, he noted PFT crews responded to 148 calls over the last month with an average response time of just over four minutes.

Patoka Township Trustee Phyllis Ernst reported the contract negotiation committee will meet Sept. 18, and board members approved the PFT annual budget, which is part of the budgets to be approved by the Princeton Common Council Oct. 7.

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