OAKLAND CITY -- Grass clippings made the docket Tuesday night at the Oakland City Common Council meeting, creating a trend that comes with warmer weather.

Councilwoman Linda Richardson approached the council, much like she did in July 2018, to discuss grass clippings being put into the roadway after yards in the community are mowed.

"It's being done again this year," she said.

Richardson discussed multiple reasons the clippings cause issues for the city, including the potential to cause drainage problems. It's also a hazard to motorcycle riders who may drive over them.

The council did adopt an ordinance in 2016 that addresses the issue and assigns monetary fines for the offense.

See Grass/Page A2

The first offense results in a warning, the second a $150 fine, and the third is $250. Each continued offense after that results in a $250 fine.

During the Board of Works meeting, Oakland City Fire Chief James Deffendall requested to buy a new GPS system that is used to land Air Evac or Lifeflight if they are required.

The current model was given to the department about 15 years ago, and the battery recently exploded inside. A replacement costs around $170.

Mayor Hugh Wirth said it is definitely a safety issue and motioned to approve the request, which the board approved unanimously.

Deffendall said the department has also had multiple calls about people burning trash. He wanted to issue a reminder to the community that trash burning is not allowed. The only thing that can be burned is clean wood.

Other business:

Mayor Hugh Wirth said the cleanup day held May 4 went well for the city. "We did a lot of good for people who didn't have the proper equipment," he said.The Board of Works approved the hire of Carrie Cox for city summer help.East Gibson School Corp. Superintendent Henry Brewster requested to close South Franklin Street from Wood Memorial Junior High to Oakland City Elementary from 2:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Monday through Friday during pickup. The parking lot gates would remain open at the north and south end to allow for traffic flow. Board of Works member Pat Vinnedge said he didn't see an issue closing the area during that time and said people don't need to go through there with kids leaving school anyway. The board approved the EGSC request.The Masonic Lodge donated $500 to the Oakland City Fire Department for lights and equipment to Engine 5.

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