PRINCETON — Gibson County Prosecutor Mike Cochren filed charges in Gibson Circuit and Gibson Superior Courts Friday against two former part-time custodians for Owensville Public Library, accusing Clyde and Marcia Scott of clocking one another in for work they did not perform multiple times over a two-year period.

Clyde Scott, who was a member of the Owensville Town Council and the Gibson County Solid Waste Management District board of trustees, abruptly resigned from those positions earlier this month. Gibson County GOP Chairman C.T. Montgomery reported that Don English was elected by caucus to fill the remainder of his term on the town council, which expires at year's end. Scott's name still appears on ballots in the Nov. 5 town council election.

Cochren filed the level 6 felony theft charges against the couple Friday. Gibson Superior Court Judge Robert Krieg found probable cause for the charge against Clyde Scott Monday and issued a warrant with bond set at $750 cash. He filed the same charge against Marcia Scott Friday in Gibson Circuit Court.

According to the affidavit of probable cause for seeking the charges prepared by Indiana State Police Detective Tobias Odom, the Scotts were hired in September 2017 to perform janitorial duties for one hour each day six days a week. Library manager Margo English told the detective that the library uses a computer for logging hours worked and clocking in and out of work.

The detective wrote that the computer requires the person to be on the premises to log in and record hours worked, and the library has surveillance cameras that would capture images of the people in the library. English reported the library has paper copies of the log-in hours worked for payroll purposes, which are signed by employees to confirm accuracy.

Odom's affidavit says English discovered in September that Marcia Scott was at the library, clocked in and working while Clyde Scott was not working, but clocked in. English asked about Clyde Scott's whereabouts and Marcia Scott clocked him out.

In the investigation, Odom reported that English reviewed surveillance video and determined a pattern where both Scotts were clocked in to work but only one of them was at the library working.

According to Odom's affidavit, during a termination hearing Oct. 7 with English and library board members Dan Parrish and Eric Fisher, the Scotts admitted to clocking one another in when both of them were not always actually present, and offered to repay the library.

English calculated the loss to the library at $5,720, based on five days at one hour a day at the rate of $11 per hour over 104 weeks.

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