PRINCETON — North Gibson school trustees are spending slightly more than $7,000 to keep the high school tennis courts in playable condition until remodeling next summer.

"The board authorized us to bring in a group to ensure that the tennis courts are playable to the best of its ability prior to the re-doing of it this summer, which is planned," NGSC Superintendent Brian Harmon said. "The budget estimate was potentially $20,000 or $30,000, so we were pretty pleased with the $7,000 amount to keep it playable for both the spring and fall seasons until it's re-done next summer."

NGSC Facilities Director Lee McConnell said that there are approximately 1,700 feet of cracks that are an eighth of an inch or larger across all six courts. If the cracks were an eighth of an inch or larger, they were filled.

In other business, the following staffing actions were approved by the board members:

  • The resignations of PCIS special education assistants Kristie Stackhouse and Susan Gallegos; PCPS instructional assistant Jennifer Young; PCPS North cafeteria server Joann Mason; fifth grade girls basketball coach Brooke Reed and assistant boys soccer coach Jaiden Scott.
  • The end of employment of PCHS special education aide Tony Walker.
  • The new hires of PCIS special education assistant Heather Neidigh; PCPS South cafeteria server Starr Tecson; PCHS special education department chairperson Kaitlyn Watkins and PCHS fine arts academic team coach Laura Dimmett.
  • New hires of PCHS girls basketball assistant coaches Terrence Young and Mykiah Jones; eighth grade boys basketball coach Jan Ballard; eighth grade girls basketball coach Patrick Donnell; seventh grade boys basketball coach Icea Jenkins; seventh grade girls basketball coach Mitch Breidenbaugh; sixth grade boys basketball coach Chris Mohammed; sixth grade girls basketball coach Haley Kennard; fifth grade boys basketball coach Levi Atkins; PCHS volunteer assistant football coach Scott Hurst; PCHS assistant softball coach John Vela; PCHS assistant wrestling coach and PCMS head wrestling coach John Wilson and PCMS assistant wrestling coach Jake Barclay.
  • New hire of North Gibson School Corporation bus drivers Kurt Beadles, Steve Hauger, Ricky Adkins and Jeanie Moody.
  • The transfer of Nicole Stivers from PCPS instructional assistant to special education assistant.

Board member Amy Bingham abstained from voting, since a relative was on the personnel list.

The board also approved a PCHS choir field trip to Murray, Kentucky, Nov. 3-4, and PCHS drama club field trip to Chicago, Illinois, Sept. 27- 29.

Board president Michael Ice congratulated PCHS marching band for their success thus far in the school year.

"They are traveling a lot more and further distances than they have in the past," PCHS principal Amy Stough shared. "With that, they get the opportunity to see other bands and other areas… but, they have been outstanding the past couple of weekends, and Friday night at the football game, they almost got a standing ovation from the crowd."

The next school board meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 21 at 6:30 p.m. in the Princeton Community Middle School auditorium.

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