PRINCETON — Lincoln Park's skate park features are getting some safety work and upgrades soon.

Princeton Parks and Recreation Board members Monday authorized parks superintendent Brent Denbo to order product to repair the ramps at the facility and schedule a volunteer work day to make the improvements.

Denbo reported that former Princeton resident Glenn Davidson, who owns Killer Skate Park & Shop of Evansville, wants to donate a ramp and reconfigure it to fit the park layout, as well as volunteer for a work day to paint and clean and do other work.

Parks board member Tracey Wilkerson, who lives near Lincoln Park, said the skate park gets lots of use and he would contact others to help with the workday. Wilkerson said he worked in the early 1990s to get a grant to create the skate park, which he said he believes is the first official skate park in Indiana.

"It's nostalgic," he said. "I really do want to see it kept open."

During Monday's meeting, parks board members also approved a plan to invite members of the community to plant suitable trees at city parks. Denbo reported that over the past two or three years, about 60 trees have been removed, and about 77 were planted to replace them.

Parks board members agreed to invite up to 20 new tree plantings per year at Lafayette Park in suitable locations. Anyone interested in planting trees should contact Denbo for specifications. A 4-inch by 6-inch plaque will be affixed at the site of each tree that is planted, and the board agreed to replace some of the existing plaques at the park. Members agreed that no fruit-bearing or nut-bearing or surface root trees will be allowed. Denbo said tree-plantings are also welcome at South Side Park.

The board also voted to request permission of the Princeton Common Council for funds to buy a canopy for use at Lafayette Park near the lodge during summer and early fall months. Denbo said the cost of the canopy is about $4,585 and the initial installation is about $5,600. He said the city can purchase a kit for $175 that city workers can use to take the canopy down for the winter and re-set it each spring. Denbo said the structure will offer some shade for Summer Explosion day camp outdoor lunches and other public use through the summer.

Members authorized spending about $750 with GE Tree Services to remove four or five tree stumps at South Side park along Washington Street, agreed Denbo can spend about $300 for a 12 horsepower tractor to drag the South Side Park ballfields, approved a list of summer hires and agreed to transfer a golf cart to the sewer department in exchange for a 60-inch zero-turn mower.

In his monthly report, Denbo said the pool and lodge parking lots at Lafayette park are sealed, coated and striped and he expects the basketball courts at Lafayette and South Side parks to be coated and striped in May or June.

Denbo said installation of LED lights for Lafayette Park's basketball and tennis courts is scheduled May 17.

He said he hopes to have new bathrooms at the shelter house off Stout Street at South Side Park completed in June or July.

The city's Summer Explosion program enrollment this year is frozen at 105 children, Denbo reported. He said he would like to find space and staffing to expand the program to about 125 children if possible.

He also reported that tile and plaster repair at the Princeton Aquatic Center pool is completed. The pool will be filled May 17 and after a May 23 Princeton Community Middle School pool party, the pool opens to the general public May 27. The splash park is open now.

Denbo also noted that the first Movies in the Park event begins at dusk May 25, featuring the PG-rated Incredibles 2.

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