Mayor: Downtown Princeton starting to have 'new look'

Downtown Princeton Inc. announced Wednesday it would be restoring Greeks, with construction starting in early June.

PRINCETON — Downtown Princeton Inc. announced Wednesday it would be restoring the former Greeks building, with construction to start in early June.

The building located at 201 N. Hart Street was operated for over a 100 years as Greek’s Candy Store until it was closed in 2011.

Hannah Whitehead, DPI director, said in the announcement community members can help with the project through donations. A PayPal link can be found on the DPI Facebook page, and donations can also be mailed or dropped off at the DPI office or The Palace Cafe. The DPI office is located at 127 N. Hart Street Princeton, IN. 47670.

Those interested in large donations or sponsorships should email Whitehead at han

During Thursday morning’s Gibson County Tourism Inc. meeting, Princeton Mayor Greg Wright said along with kicking off the fundraising process, there have also been architectural renderings completed and cost estimates on making the structure sound.

Wright also updated the group on a building nearby, 118 W. State Street, which was acquired by Lucas Neuffer, founder of Evansville-based Historical Homes of America.

Neuffer has also recently acquired, and began rehabing, the Steele Home in Princeton.

Wright said Neuffer was looking for additional projects and he took him to visit the State Street property.

“We were able to get cooperation from the owners,” Wright said. “He’s now aqquirred that and going to start work on that pretty soon, which is neat to fill a spot that’s been vacant for so long.”

Apartments are a possible use for the building.

“When you create that kind of captured audience, that helps on the whole development of the down town, when you’ve got people that are living right above,” Wright said. “That sure helps it.”

The downtown area also had a project recently finalized and celebrated by the community, with the Princeton Public Library holding a ribbon cutting for its expansion. Wright highlighted that, along with updates on the new YMCA location planned for Princeton.

“Downtown is starting to have a new look,” Wright said, “and that’s exciting.”

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