PRINCETON — Oakland City police will increase patrols of the portion of Franklin Street in front of Oakland City Elementary School and Wood Memorial High School, following neighborhood concern over speeding vehicles.

Neighbor Charlie Knoll described the area in front of his house to the common council Tuesday as a “drag strip.”

“These guys are doing 65, 70 miles per hour down through there at night,” Knoll said. “Mainly high school kids, but there are older people doing it too.”

The time frame is primarily 6 p.m. to midnight, but Knoll said it can also occur early in the morning with work traffic.

Knoll expressed concern for the children that live in the area and said he was almost hit himself.

“They’ll get down by the elementary school, they’ll line up next to each other and fly down through there next to each other, side by side,” he said.

Knoll said they will also speed out of the parking lots.

Police Chief Tim Gaines reported at the May 11 meeting a question from Knoll regarding the placement of speed bumps. Tuesday, Knoll also asked about the addition of a stop sign.

Council member A.J. Cooper said right now the extra patrols would be the best first step.

Knoll also said he has called it into dispatch a couple times, but did not see anyone come out to check.

Gaines said he was notifying officers they would be increasing patrols, as well as letting dispatch know they were there.

“It will be on record, they’ll put us out on a call,” he said. “That way it’s one of those where we’re going to sit there and wait patiently and see.”

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