PRINCETON — Princeton Fire Territory’s board of trustees will accept resumes for the fire chief’s position until 4:30 p.m. March 15.

The board unanimously approved the motion Monday afternoon by PFT board member Bill Tuley near the end of the monthly meeting.

Patoka Township Trustee Phyllis Ernst, who serves on the board, asked that the applications be limited to PFT employees, and the motion was modified before PFT board member, Princeton Mayor Greg Wright, offered a second to the motion and it passed unanimously.

PFT Chief Mike Pflug has served since his unanimous appointment in January 2011. Pflug succeeded Tim Speedy, who was the first chief of the merged Princeton and Patoka Township departments in 2005. Speedy succeeded longtime Princeton Fire Chief Bob Embree, who retired upon the merger of the two departments.

Wright also suggested starting a pool of applicants for full time career firefighters candidates. Resumes will be accepted through March 31 for that pool, which will be the base from which the board decides to hire new firefighters as the need arises.

In his monthly report, Pflug reported the department responded to 113 calls, completed 94 hours of training including expanded medical treatment for patients in first responder cases. He said EMTs on the department can provide breathing treatments, administer epinephren and Narcan, and check blood sugar levels before adminsistering oral glucose.

Pflug said the department also worked with the state fire marshal’s office to conduct inspections of all North Gibson school buildings. He reported a U-bolt broke on a fire engine, and parts have been ordered. He said he also expects to have an update on receipt of new haz-mat suits purchased with a grant from Duke Energy this week.

Pflug also read a letter from the Petersburg Fire Territory board, declining to bid on a surplus fire engine. No other bids to buy the truck, which was taken out of service in February 2020, were received.

“We’ve got the space for it,” said Wright. “Maybe we sit on it and start the advertising process again.”

The board agreed to consider advertising the sale of he truck again in April.

PFT Attorney Daniel Moon reported the Princeton Clerk-Treasurer’s office is reviewing the accounting of time worked and time off in the department, and going over the information with City Attorney James McDonald.

Members agreed to meet for a second special session to review the PFT standard operating guidelines at 4:30 p.m. March 3.


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