Excerpts from headline stories of The Princeton Daily Clarion June 11, 1901 edition.

SENSATIONALISM CHARGED Mt. Carmel Papers Take a Poke at Princeton SheetsThe Princeton papers, the whole bunch of them, are charged with being sensational by the Mt. Carmel Republican because of our reports of the arrest of Henry Reynold there and the “mob” of bottoms citizens who were at Mt. Carmel, tanking up and talking vengeance.

The Clarion clears itself of the charge in that it printed a conservative report of the case as it was told to us. If we were misinformed and the story was grossly exaggerated, it is due to persons who ought to have known better. There was certainly no intention on our part to make a lynching when none was threatened.

The Register says “There were no threats of lynching, no riotous demonstrations made, and the officers were put to no trouble and if the deputies had any guns they kept them in their hip pockets. There was not the slightest difficulty in making the trip, and a hack was called only because of the prisoners lameness. There were not a half-dozen people from that part of Indiana in the city.”

GOVERNMENT BENCHMARKA government benchmark or level to show the exact height of the city above the sea level has been established in the city by the members of the geological survey who are working in this district. The level was run into the court house but at present no calculation has been made as to the exact figures which will be placed on the plate. The height will be put on a copper plate wich was set in the stone floor under the south steps of the courthouse, being in the east side of the south basement entrance.

The copper plate which was set in the stone is circular in form and about four inches in diameter. It is set in cement in the stone and any one tampering with it will be made to suffer the penalty provided by law.


The city council will have an adjourned session for the purpose of discussing the Kurtz oil and gas franchise ordinance. As the councilmen all seem favorable the ordinance will be adopted and the desired franchise granted. This will be the first step of our oil and gas well movement.

COUNTY OFFICERS GONEFor the first time in quite a while the court house was without a county officer today. There was a vacant chair in each office, yet there was no mourning or tears. The deputies, clerks, subs and assistance were a busy set today notwithstanding the extreme hotness of the weather. Deputy Sheriff Will Walters was exceedingly busy in poring over a volume entitled “Famous Portraits of Noted Criminals.” Rollie Maxam was too busy with his drawings to even discuss the beginning of the next term of court which convenes in August.

Charles Bayer wanted to attend the Fort Branch-Princeton ball game this afternoon but couldn’t go. Harry Embree was the “whole thing” in the auditor’s office, but didn’t want anything said about it, so of course it would be wrong to even hint it.

The location of the county officers today is as follows: Auditor S.R. Adams gone to Francisco; Clerk Samuel Stewart sick at his home; Recorder Zimmerman farming in Washington Township; Sheriff Tom Beloat in Evansville; Treasurer Will Ennes in Indianapolis.

YMCA MEETINGOur city now contains a population of about 7,000 people and we feel that the time has arrived when some effort should be made towards providing a place where our young men may spend their leisure hours, surrounded by proper influences.

We respectfully ask your cooperation in a movement looking to the organization of a Young Men’s Christian Association.

A public meeting should be called for Thursday evening, June 13th, at which the state Secretary, Mr. C.C. Stacy, or his representative will be present to take preliminary steps toward a permanent organization. The meeting will be in the lecture room of the M.E. church.

WILD BILL IS TAMED“Wild Bill,” the man with the big revolver who was arrested by Marshal Haley Monday morning is now in jail where he will be detained a few days. He does not like jail life but wants something more exciting.

The man in question was arraigned before Mayor Chambers Monday afternoon on a charge of carrying concealed weapons. He was found guilty, and costs amounting in all to $13.80 were marked up against him. He could neither stay it or pay it so he was taken to jail. He was arrested on suspicion as being a man who was wanted elsewhere.

Who the man is and where he came from is not known. He would give no other name to the police but “Wild Bill, from the West,” and his real name is not known.

He told the police that he was from the west and always carried firearms and he insisted in carrying a big 38 calibre revolver in his hand while being taken to the lock-up. The officers took the gun from him.

The police are of the opinion that the man is rather of a tough character, and will bear watching. He appears to be a typical vagrant and said that all he wanted was something to eat, but was not particular where he slept.


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