Excerpts of stories from the April 4, 1901 edition of The Princeton Clarion-Leader, forerunner of The Princeton Daily Clarion:


CYNTHIANA — P.H. Berg, an aged Scandinavian of South Dakota, is visiting his son-in-law, P.J. Setbacken, the miller of this place.

Mrs. J.W. Carter, formerly of Princeton, but now of McGarys, has been spending the last week among friends here and lower Gibson County.

E.H. Hubble, a well-known horse man, lost a valuable horse last week in a careless runaway.

J.J.Wilkinson has recently repapered and repainted his store and put in one of Daugherty & O’Herren’s beautiful gasoline light plant.

Geo. W. Smith of Owensville, trustee of Montgomery township, is the most consistent Democratic office-holder that I know of. He has dismissed the superintendent and one other principal teacher, and sent two of the lady teachers to the country solely on political grounds. He has given his verbal statement to that effect and one at least written statement that the teacher’s work is perfectly satisfactory, and that he is not offensive, not strongly partisan but that he does this to “fulfill political obligations.” G.W. is to be commended for his frankness if not for his judgment.


J.W. Johnson, of this city, has been dropped from the list of traveling deputies by Internal Revenue Collector Henry, of Terre Haute.

The action taken by Collector Henry was due to the notification of the department that a reduction in the number of traveling deputies would be necessary owing to lowering of the war taxes.


Miss Mallie Myrick entertained the Crokinole Club Friday evening. The prizes were won by Miss Ora Hinkle and Mr. Claude Wilson. Refreshments, consisting of ices and cakes, were served during the evening.


The following from the St. Louis Star will be of interest to Princetonians, inasmuch as the W.F. Little referred to as a former Princeton boy who has made a great success since locating in St. Louis.

He is an expert electrician and it seems now he is branching out into other lines.

Frank S. Parker reports the sale of property adjoining the Chamberlain Park, known as the Collins Place, to W.F. Little for $75,000.

Immediately after the passage of the world’s fair bill by congress, negotiations pending for this tract were closed. The tract is one of the highest locations in the city. Mr. Collins built the present residence, a large double three-story house, about 1892. There is another house on the property, besides a large stable and conservatory. The intention of the new owner is to subdivide this tract by cutting three streets across from north to south.


From the Mount Carmel Republican: A certain young man who is employed at the strawboard factory, who is new to such things, took his two sweethearts to a dance, over the river last night. It was a swell function, but a trifle racier than the young man expected to find in the classic Hoosier bottoms. Next time he will leave the girls at home.


PETERSBURG — For the last few weeks postal authorities have been endeavoring to locate the writer of the many obscene letters sent through the local office to many of its leading citizens. The arrest of a wealthy farmer suspected is much talked of.


Undertaker W.H. Smith is making preparations to build a cottage in south Main near his own residence.

Jacob Widenbenner is erecting a new house in Stout street near the south side park.


PATOKA — The rock roads for White River township have been declared off for the present.

Some two weeks ago a petition was circulated and had the required number of signatures to call an election. This was called in the auditor’s office, but before action was taken on it by the commissioners, some of the interested parties decided to make some change in the roads to be rocked.

As a result a new petition was gotten up conforming to the changes to be made. While this satisfied many of the petitioners and taxpayers, yet there were kickers. A second and third petition was gotten out and it looked as though a strong fight on which roads should be rocked would be the result.

In order to keep good feeling and to gain the best results, a meeting of the petitioners was called at this place Saturday afternoon, which resulted in declaring all off for the present.


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