Excerpts of stories in the Jan. 29-Feb. 4 1926 editions of The Princeton Clarion-News, the forerunner of The Princeton Daily Clarion:

OFFICERS SEIZE 60-GALLON STILLSheriff John Hollen, Deputy Earl Hollen and John McCann, special deputy, about dark yesterday evening raided the home of John Cornelius, 56, living on a farm west of Haubstadt and captured a 60 gallon still complete, four barrels of mash and four or five gallons of white mule whiskey. Cornelius was brought here and placed in jail and charged with possession of a still and manufacture. His case will be taken before the grand jury.

Cornelius said he was preparing to “cook off” tonight. The officers poured the mash out and brought the other evidence to this city.


Chief Higgins last night arrested George Donald, 45, proprietor of a second hand store on south Seminary street, on complaint of Thomas Phillips, who charged that Donald had loaded about fifteen bushels of coal at 8 o’clock last night from one of Phillips’ cars on his switch in south Gibson street. Donald was held in the lockup pending disposition of his case. The chief said Donald admitted taking the coal. Mr. Phillips said he identified the coal at the Donald home.

11 TEAMS START BATTLE TONIGHTAt 7 o’clock tonight the whistle will send Oakland City against Haubstadt in Princeton’s gym in the first battle of the sixth annual county tournament.

Teams today had wound up their practice work and six of them rested for the session tonight in which six of them will take part. The other five will start on the road to the championship or otherwise Saturday morning.

SHERIFF STOPS ‘HUT’ ELOPERSWalter Phillips, 23, of Terre Haute, was arrested at Hazleton yesterday evening by Sheriff John Hollen and brought here and placed in jail.

A young woman with Phillips, whom the young man said he intended to marry in Princeton, was placed on the train and returned to Terre Haute.

Phillips was arrested on information from Terre Haute authorities who asked that the elopers be intercepted.

TYPISTS RECEIVE HONORSDolores Brown and Clara Hughes, students in the commercial department in the high school received medals as champion typists for January with rates at 49 and 46 words for fifteen minutes respectively. Matilda Brown received a certificate for third place with a rate of 33 words.

DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS NAMEDThe Patoka Valley Storage company meeting last night at the Patoka National Bank elected the following directors: Charles Sterner, E.E. Field, W.R. Bingham, Van Garrett and T. M. McDonald. The directors then organized and elected the following officers: President Charles Stermer, vice president W.R. Bingham; secretary and treasurer E.E. Field.

The company owns a modern sweet potato storage plant at Patoka. The plant proved its value last year and the prospects are said to be still brighter for the coming season.

Since the storage problem has been solved the sweet potato business is becoming one of Gibson County’s most important agricultural enterprises.

FUNERAL HOME TO OPEN SOONWithin a few days, definite announcement of date to be made later, the Pfohl Funeral Home will have a formal opening and the public will be invited to call and see this modern establishment.

The Kolb homestead, south Main Street near Broadway, has been thoroughly remodeled to suit the purposes of a modern funeral home. The north front room is the reception room, with the “slumber” room and the morgue at the rear. The rooms on the south are the chapel and display rooms.

Equipment includes the Hudson limousine funeral and ambulance cars, the very latest in funeral service construction...The ambulance is equipped with shock absorbers and balloon tires.

Russel Pfohl, who establishes this new business, was born in Princeton the son of John A. and Elizabeth Pfohl. He is a graduate of Princeton high school.

MUDHOLES ARE GROWING WORSEVarious roads of the county are reported to be in bad condition and growing worse while the present thaw continues.

Several persons who came in from Oakland City this morning said the mud is so deep just east of Princeton that the road at this point will be almost impassible by night.

North of Princeton, continuing beyond Main Street, cars have been miring down and this place may become entirely impassible.

County Road Superintendent P.S. Armstrong has no rock and many believe nothing but rock would do any good in the present emergency.

Mr. Armstrong said yesterday the situation is serious. Some rock can be procured but not enough to meet the emergencies existing at a dozen points in the county.

It is pointed out that poor drainage in many cases is responsible for the prolonged softening of the road.

P.S. ARMSTRONG INDICTED ON FORGERY CHARGEPinckney S. Armstrong, county highway superintendent, voluntarily appeared at the court house this afternoon and waived reading of a bench warrant for his arrest on an indictment charging forgery, returned yesterday by the Gibson county grand jury.

The indictment is in four courts of which charges making of a note of $5,000. Each of the four notes is alleged to have borne the spurious signature of Earl Smith, brother-in-law of Mr. Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong made no statement but friends said it was their understanding that the $20,000 or more covered in the indictment had all been paid back.

Mr. Armstrong was formerly Democratic state senator and had been prominent for many years in county political and agricultural affairs. Formerly prosperous, he became involved in financial difficulties several years ago. He has always been very popular throughout the county and his friends have hoped that he would be able to pull through the business difficulties that beset him.

At the beginning of the present year Mr. Armstrong took office as county highway superintendent. His appointment met with Democratic opposition in some quarters, it is said, but the commissioners adhered to their decision…

The indictment has no connection whatever with any official acts of Mr. Armstrong, it is stated, involving personal financial matters.


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