Andrea Howe

Andrea Howe

I don’t know about you, but I have a favorite chair at home. At the dinner table. At church.

But when company comes into my home, I give up my seat to make sure they have comfortable seating.

My pastor tells us all to be gracious when visitors come to our sanctuary, and give up our “regular seat” if someone else needs it.

Administration at Princeton Community High School asks the Big Red Tiger Nation to remember the rules your momma or your preacher taught you and extend that same courtesy for guests at the Indiana High School Athletic Association’s Girls Sectional tourney under way here at Tiger Arena Friday and Saturday.

Athletic Director Jason Engelbrecht sent a note Thursday morning asking us to alert PCHS Lady Tiger fans to abide by the designated seating protocol for the rest of the tourney.

“Tiger Arena is a neutral site for the IHSAA tournament events,” he said. “The high school administration dealt with considerable fall-out from this matter during and after Tuesday’s first round,” he reported.

“In order to be an effective host, and to ensure that we are designated to host in the future, we absolutely must follow tournament guidelines.

“Seating designations are clearly labeled throughout the gym. Please assist us in this request. Security and tournament supervisors will also be proactive in moving those seated in alternate sections. I appreciate your attention to this matter,” he wrote.

In other words, at tournament time, it’s not just Tiger Arena, it’s a house for ALL girls basketball fans.

Let’s help them enjoy the experience and remember us as gracious hosts.

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