From the Oct. 11, 1940. edition of the Princeton Clarion-News, forerunner of The Princeton Daily Clarion:

SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR VETS TO HOLD REUNION SUNDAYMembers of the 159th Indiana regiment of volunteers, Spanish-American War veterans, will hold their annual reunion at the Coliseum in Evansville Sunday. Representatives of Company K of this city are expected to attend. A banquet will be served at the American Legion home in connection with the 10:30 and 12 o’clock business session.

GETS WIDE PUBLICITYOakland City College received national publicity Thursday when a news commentator told about the discovery of oil on college land in Point township, Posey County.

NOBLE ‘SELLING CASKET’For the past 15 years, Roy B. Noble, Sr., of Princeton, Republican candidate for auditor of Gibson County, has been a casket salesman.

Now, because Noble has been traveling all over the county in his campaign for election, his friends have been kidding him. They have been asking if he is now “selling a casket for the Democratic political machine of the county.”

CHRISTIANS SEEK 400 ATTENDANCERally day will be observed Sunday at the Broadway Christian church during the church school services starting at 9:15 o’clock. The attendance goal is 400. Every member is urged to attend. Others who are not members of any church school are also invited.

GRIDIRON RAMBLESWith a powerful opponent in the offing, Princeton high school’s gridders engaged in “heavy” work last night under the Lowell mazdas.

Coach Clayton Weist devoted greater portion of the two-hour session to scrimmage, which produced battling over one end of the field, as offensive and defensive maneuvers were given a thorough going over.

The local band likewise maneuvered extensively last night on Lowell field. Intensive drills are to be the order in preparing new formations for the remaining home games on the schedule, with Central, Bicknell and Mt. Carmel, respectively, Director Arthur Dragoo said.

The play, “Mother Goose’s Goslings” will be presented Oct. 22 at Lincoln School. This play is being sponsored by the Faithful Few club of which Mrs. W.R. Lewis is president.

HAZLETON BOOSTERS CLUB TO FOSTER SCHOOL BANDHAZLETON — A Hazleton Boosters Club has been formed to help in organizing and fostering a high school band.

Officers of the club are Loren Conn, president; E.H. Harrington, vice president; Mrs. Claude Caniff, second vice-president; Mrs. Eselwyn Phillips, secretary; and Mrs. Madge Barnett, treasurer.

The purpose of the club is to do everything possible to give pupils showing musical talent to develop their ability as much as possible.

The club plans to purchase musical instruments which the students may use for a small rental fee.

DRAFT CLERKS TO GET FINAL INSTRUCTIONSPreparations for the registration of Gibson County males Wednesday under the conscription law, assumed final stages today.

Circuit Clerk Lawrence Hubbard has called the chief registrars of all boards in the 37 precincts of Gibson County to meet with him at 7 o’clock tonight in his office at the court house. The chief registrars will be issued complete instructions and supplies for Wednesday’s registration.

TODAY’S MYSTERY MAN was seen about 11:35 a.m. standing in front of the old Daily Democrat building. He had one foot up on a bench and was apparently talking business to another man as they eyed the building up and down. He wore a dark blue suit, tan felt hat with brown band, white shirt with dark blue bow tie, white handkerchief in his left coat pocket and in his right hand he carried a pipe and a brown sackful of some kind of merchandise. If this gentleman will call at the Clarion-News office he will receive two tickets entitling him to attend any show but Tuesday’s.

SOUNDING OF GUN AWAITED IN CORN HUSKING MEETEverything was in readiness today for the fifth annual Gibson County Corn Husking contest, sponsored by the Clarion-News and Daily Democrat, in cooperation with the county agent’s office, which will be held Friday afternoon on the Ackman brothers’ farm, one and one half miles northwest of Patoka, or directly west of the Children’s Orphans home.

With the sounding of the gun to start the contest, a field of Gibson County’s fastest corn huskers will swing into rhythmic action, for the grueling 80-minute grind for the county championship.

The contest will be held in a 26-acre field of hybrid corn No. 844. The corn is straight and the ears are unusually large, and the previous marks established in the four previous county contests are expected to be broken.

The newspapers sponsoring the event are offering a cash prize of $5 for first place; $4 for second; $3 for third; $2 for fourth; and $1 for fifth.

Contestants will husk under the rules that will govern the state and national corn husking contests.


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