Excerpts of stories from the Sept. 28, 1965 edition of The Princeton Union Clarion, forerunner to The Princeton Daily Clarion:

SCHOOLThe Owensville Graded School opens for the first annual session of the year Sept. 4th, 1865, closing Dec. 22d, 1865. Embracing a Fall Term of 12 weeks

Tuition, in Higher Department, per term of 12 weeks for Grade No. 1, $11; No. 2, $9; No. 3, $7; it being due at the expiration of one half the term. Rules of the School are strict, and strictly observed.

Scholars are admitted any during the session. Classes formed on the first day of each session; hence, the scholars interest to be present the first day.

Piano Forte instruction can be had in town at times to suit students. Board in good families $3 per week.

For more information, concerning the School, “come and see” or address the “Visiting Board of O.G. School,” or J.L. Craig, Principal.


There appears to be a terrible state of affairs at Winslow, Pike county, and vicinity, the origin of which we do not know.

On the 7th a difficulty took place between some citizens and two men named Bowling, in which the latter got worsted. On the 9th, Tom Bowling, who is a bully, went to town loaded with revolvers and a doube-barreled shotgun, swearing vengeance against certain citizens of the place, who armed themselves in self-defense.

Bowling went to a hotel for the purpose of firing upon the crowd, which he did from an upper story window. The fire was returned, and he was supposed to be struck in the shoulder. He then fled, leaving on his way his gun, hat, boots andan empty bottle.

Many rumors run afloat to the effect that he is dead, run away, etc. The most reliable, however, is that he is at the Sulfur Springs, in Marion township, but slightly wounded.

On Monday, a state warrant was issued for the men who did the shooting, but they were unwilling to go to Petersburg, twenty-five miles distant, under charge of one of the Bowlings.

A great deal of excitement ensued, but a compromise was made, all parties agreeing to go home, and the accused promising to appear for trial on Monday.

As Art. Mouser, the constable, was going out of town, some persons concealed in the woods fired, and G. Mouser (not the constable) was dangerously wounded in both hips. This of course did not tend to allay the excitement, and up to Tuesday the people on both sides have been to a great extent under arms.

The men who shot Bowling are now at Petersburg under arrest.


KURTZ & SON, Clarion Building, Princeton, keeps all kinds of Family Groceries, Confectionery, Queensware, Wooden Ware and all sorts of Notions. Motto: Cash sales — small profits and quick returns.


WANTED — A boy to learn the printing press. He must have a tolerable education, good disposition, and be about 16 years of age. One from the country preferred. Apply soon.


KEEP IT BEFORE THE PEOPLE — That Capt. Dick Miller never left hs post in the face of danger, and that he stayed by the old flag until the last armed foe had fallen or surrendered. And today, he is still battling the enemy, but in the political arena, and the victory is to be proclaimed through the ballot box, either for or against him. Then let the word be: DICK MILLER AND VICTORY!

KEEP IT BEFORE THE PEOPLE — that George W. Gorman deserted his command in the face of danger, was court-martialed and dishonorably dismissed the service. He turned Copperhead and now has the hardihood to ask soldiers to vote for him. Let soldiers reply — DICK MILLER AND VICTORY!.


THE WORKING MEN’S INSTITUTE — We are pleased to state that efforts are being made to revive this popular institution once more, and that persons are engaged in the efforts who are bound to succeed. A meeting was held on Monday evening and the ball was set in motion. It was agreed that another meeting should be held this Thursday evening, and it is hoped the working men of town will turn out generally.


MRS. S. A. COLEMAN, PRACTICING PHYSICIAN, Patoka, Ind. — Would respectfully announce to the public that she is prepared to make professional visits whenever desired and to treat diseases generally. Persons living in and about Princeton, desiring her services, will call at the residence of Mrs. John Sterne, where she may be found, or addressed.

FAIRCHILD’S CONFECTIONERY, SODA WATER AND ICE CREAM SALOON!Is now open for the accommodation of Ladies and Gentlemen during the sultry season. His rooms are both convenient and pleasant, and no pains will be spared to accommodate all who may favor him with their patronage.

Families, Pirates and Festivals supplied on short notice, and at reasonable rates.

Rooms, south side public square.



And All Claims Against the Government Arising Out Of MILITARY SERVICE

The undersigned is authorized by the Government to attend to the collection of all claims of the above character. He intends devoting his whole time to this business and will be ready to attend PROMPTLY to all claims placed in his hands for settlement.

He understands the RED-TAPE system, and knows just how to work up to it, or to work around it.

BACK PAY AND BOUNTY is paid to discharged soldiers, to widows, children, fathers, mothers, or brothers and sisters.

PENSIONS are granted to disabled soldiers, widows, children, mothers, or orphan sisters.

All claims should be presented as soon as possible, Information in regard to claims cheerfully given to all parties desiring it.

Office in Lewis’ Block over the Drug Store.

—W.L. Dorsey.

— Email Andrea Howe at andrea@pdclarion.com

— Email Andrea Howe at andrea@pdclarion.com

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