Excerpts from stories published in the Oct. 13-15, 1911 editions of The Clarion-News, forerunner of The Princeton Daily Clarion.

KENTUCKY GATLING GUN IN THE CITYRev. L.L. Pickett, familiarly referenced to as the “Kentucky Gatling Gun,” who has preached and lectured nearly all over the land and is widely known as a music writer, editor and temperance evangelist, is in the city and will give a free lecture tonight at the First Baptist Church entitled, “The Next Battle.” He will be assisted by the popular boys’ quartette which accompanies him, and some splendid singing is assured. Mr. Pickett and the boys were greeted with a packed house at Oakland City last night.

The Clarion-News will be glad to give anyone that cannot come to the office, information at any time over the telephone during the world’s series of Base Ball. Call the Clarion-News office, each inning if you like, during the world’s Base Ball series — we’ll be glad to tell you.

GOVERNOR SPENDS NIGHT IN CITYUnheralded, Governor Marshall arrived in Princeton at 7:50 o’clock Friday night, accompanied by Mrs. Marshall, and registered at the Hotel Kidd. Indiana’s chief executive and his lady spent the night here and this morning the governor left at seven o’clock over the Southern for Jasper, where he speaks at a celebration today. Mrs. Marshall returned on a morning train to Indianapolis.

The governor will will return to Princeton tonight at 9:20 and will leave at 10:34 on the C&EI for Indianapolis.

The governor’s visit was not previously announced, so no one was at the station to meet him. Immediately after registering he and Mrs. Marshall retired to their room. Local Democrats, not knowing of the visit, did not call at the hotel during the evening.

NOT LEGAL HOLIDAYDiscovery Day was not legally observed in Princeton Thursday and post office, banks and saloons conducted business as usual. The local banks made previous inquiry and investigation and found that the last legislature had made a fiasco out of its endeavor to create October 12 a legal holiday.

FIFE PARADE GIVENA parade of between 200 and 300 school children, headed by the band, was an interesting feature witnessed in this city this afternoon as the result of the Fife evangelistic meeting being held at the Broadway Christian Church. The marchers are members of the Bible school classes, which are organized for a big rally tomorrow morning at 9:15, when a candle service will be held and fully 300 are expected to attend.

DOESN’T RECOGNIZE WIFE AND CHILDRENPETERSBURG — Had the dead come to life, it would have caused no greater surprise than the return of Julius Salters, as well known carpenter of this place, who disappeared under unusual circumstances at Decatur, Miss., early in March and who had been given up for dead by his relatives here for the past six months.

Salters’ ransacked valise was found in the railroad yards near the Mississippi river and offers dragged the river for several days in search of his body. Salters was found in Evansville by friends Friday, where he was living under the name of Frank Smith.

He says that his memory can go no further back than last March, and could not believe he had a wife and four children here. He has no knowledge of any of his relatives here, and treats them all as strangers and insists that he has no recollection of ever having been here.

Physicians are puzzled, for the man is apparently sane. He can tell nothing of his past life other than for the past six months. He had traveled all through the South and as far west as the Pacific coast. his four small children play about him, but he has no fatherly feeling for them. His case is one of the strangest ever known in Southern Indiana. His home has been visited by hundreds of acquaintances Sunday, but he treats them all as strangers and only talks when questioned.


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