Excerpts from stories published in the Feb. 10-15, 1898 editions of The Princeton Daily Clarion:


The city of Princeton has filed in the United States court an answer to the petition of Receiver George T. Jarvis of the Louisville, Evansville & St. Louis Consolidated Railway Company to seek permission to erect new station buildings on a new site in Princeton.

The city claims that the erection of the buildings at the point desired by the company would be detrimental to the city’s interests and cites provisions under which the railroad obtained its right-of-way through the city.

The road was given its option when constructed to occupy any streets necessary for its business. The city claims that in constructing its tracks and building where it did, the railroad company exhausted its privilege under the grant and cannot now occupy other ground without consent of the city.


Two hotel porters had a rag-chewing match at the Union station yesterday. They were Elmer Minnis, better known as “Quickstep” of the Hart Street house and Harry Millet, known as “Curley” of the St. Charles. A little muscle play followed the verbose remarks and caused “Quickstep” to file an affidavit before Mayor Gamble charging “Curley” with contempt of the Hart Street house porter and assault. The St. Charles chaser learned the affidavit had been filed against him and yesterday jumped his job and and left town on an Air-line freight. Henry Hicks, late of the Lagow house, was secured to fill his place.


OAKLAND CITY — Parties are dragging the Patoka river near the Iron bridge at Winslow in search of James Jones of Otwell, who is mysteriously missing and is supposed to have come to his death by foul means.

It is thought that Jones was murdered by two men named Smith and Nayfall. Nayfall was placed in the Pike county jail. Soon after his arrest, Nayfall told officers he was with Smith and Jones and the two men had an argument and began shooting at each other. Nayfall said he became frightened and hid in a hay loft near Winslow.


OAKLAND CITY — William Bender, night operator at the depot, was subpoenaed by the sheriff of Pike County to appear before a grand jury Tuesday to testify in the case of the state vs. William Smith, who is supposed to have murdered Andrew Jones near Winslow.

Bender sold two tickets to parties to Cairo, Illinois, the night the murder is supposed to have occurred. One of the party Bender recognized as a man who had frequently been in Oakland City and whose name is Smith. The theory now is that Jones was not murdered but simply taken away in order that he may not appear as a witness against parties near Otwell who are charged with stealing from farmers and robbing stores in that neighborhood.

It is said that Jones knew the secrets of a band of thieves and he had declared his intention of telling the whole story to the grand jury and also to the court.


A medical authority asserts that cigarette smoking never produces insanity. Most people receive that statement without question, for in their minds, it is insanity that causes cigarette smoking.


A two story brick addition is being erected to the Princeton hotel. The work on the foundation commenced Monday and the work will be rushed as rapidly as the weather will permit. The lower rooms of this addition will be used as sample rooms and the second floor will be divided into sleeping apartments.


• Dave Martin has purchased a piano and says that as soon as he can “run the scale” he intends to get the music to “the bottom dog” and play for the special benefit of all defeated politicians in the community. He says his sympathy is always with the bottom dog.

• It now seems we shall have no waterworks. John B. Cockrum, attorney for a bond syndicate, appeared before the town board last week and asked a change in the contract which will be considered by the board.

Mr. Cockrum’s proposition asked for double the appropriation that the original called for, which will doubtless be rejected. We all want waterworks but don’t wish to impoverish the town in their construction.

• The town was in darkness for a few nights on account of a break in the electric light machinery. Everything was in order Sunday night, and we received light.


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