Excerpts from stories published in the Oct. 8, 1891 edition of The Princeton Clarion:

Huntingburg authorities have decided that the saloons there shall close up at 11 o’clock p.m. of each day and not reopen earlier than 5 o’clock a.m. of each day. it is further ordered that from 11 p.m. till 5 a.m. all persons shall be excluded from such rooms, and that during said time all screens, shutters and blinds shall be removed from the windows so as to not obstruct a view of the interior.

LOCAL CLARIONETTES• Taxpaying time is at hand.

• The grand jury returned about 40 indictments.

• There is snow and cold weather in the northwest.

• The circus last Monday did not draw very largely. It was a cheap affair.

• The Princeton Transfer company have the thanks of the Clarion for an annual pass over their line.

• A fire at Owensville last Sunday morning destroyed the Jaquess hotel, kept by W.A. Stewart. It was one of the oldest buildings in town but had been recently improved and was a very convenient and comfortable hotel.

• The dutiful citizen who attempted to alarm the town yesterday by ringing the old cracked skillet, known as a fire bell, no doubt meant well but it was an abortive effort. That old fire bell always was a great burlesque and it is more especially so now that it is cracked. It ought never to be rung when there is a fire or anything serious the matter with the town.

• A petition is being circulated and is receiving many signers in Floyd County asking county commissioners to entirely remove the iron fence around the court house. The stock law is now rigidly in force in the city and necessity for a fence is past and materially detracts from the beauty of the building.

The same state of affairs exist in regard to the Gibson county court house. The commissioners ought to remove the useless fence.

• There is some prospect of Princeton being supplied with water works within the coming year.

• In building up the southside with a view of renting to railroad men, Princeton should not make the same mistake that Washington did in erecting too many small, cheap houses. Residences that will rent from ten to fifteen dollars a month, and a number even higher than that, will be in demand. it will be a great mistake to put up a lot of cheap box houses in the Southside — or any other side, for that matter.

Build modern houses ask a moderate rental for them and make the new part of town an attractive point. A lot of cheap shanties, all built after the same style, will only prove and eye sore. A number of very neat cottages have already been up up or are under way and it is to be hoped the “nest of bones” plan will not be indulged in the city.

PRINCETON TRANSFER COMPANYJ.E. Joyce & Co. have opened up business in this place under the style of the Princeton Transfer company. They have two fine omni-busses which they run to and from the depot in connection with all trains, and also have an outfit of other elegant carriages and vehicles at the service of the public. They have a very large and commodious livery barn, built of brick and nicely arranged throughout, and they have ample facilities for boarding horses. it is their desire to give the most satisfactory service and will promise the most prompt and courteous attention to the wants of the public.

• The Boonville Standard says Boonville needs a wheat elevator, an opera house, a new court house, a few manufactories of wood, a fruit canning factory, and a few prominent funerals.

OAKLAND CITYOur cheap John store has been moved to Mattoon, Ill.

Eph Rutledge is a clerk for the Francisco coal mining company.

Dr. G.A. Thomas of Cynthiana contemplates locating at Oakland City.

The demand for dwelling houses in Oakland City is much greater than the supply.

The Barrett comedy company that played here last week skipped and left board bills unpaid.


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