Are you part of the problem or the solution?

I have such a dichotomy of feelings. On one hand, I am so happy to see Gibson County having fewer Covid-19 cases and a lower positivity rate. We are seeing and hearing that many of our neighbors, relatives, and friends are getting vaccinated.

However, I am disappointed to see residents of and employees in our county that are seemingly throwing caution to the wind.

I entered two stores in our county this past week to quickly pick up a couple of items. I wore a mask and maintained a proper social distance. In one store a family of four entered with no masks. At the other store, several employees and customers were without masks. Both stores had signs posted at the entrance that masks were required.

This disregard of one of the most important mitigation factors, wearing a mask, scares me. What does this say about our community? Do citizens have no regard for others? So many are being cautious and doing the right thing in order to control this pandemic. Will the irresponsible behavior of a few cause Gibson County to experience a rise in cases and more deaths? Will Gibson County have to go back to more restrictions?

What will you be....part of the problem or part of the solution?

Genie Gard



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