Get vaccinated!

I love my 90-year old grandmother with all my heart. The fact that she made it through 2020 without catching COVID-19 is worth celebrating. Our family supported her through grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, and sending care packages to keep her spirits up.

Without question this helped, but so did her diligence of not going in public for over a year, wearing a mask when she finally did, and thankfully getting fully vaccinated. During her life she has lived through the period of polio, as well as other deadly illnesses and knows the importance of vaccinations to preserve the lives of loved ones and her community.

Right now in our own little part of the world, COVID-19 is seeing a resurgence with those that have not yet been vaccinated. The CDC says that virtually all recent COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are those that are unvaccinated. This went from being a pandemic of everyone to just those that have hesitancy of the vaccine. News media, social media, and uninformed mouthpieces are contributing to this hesitancy.

We need to put our trust and faith in those who have the knowledge and experience when looking for advice in this ongoing pandemic. I have this sinking feeling, as well as many other Americans, that we would probably still have smallpox and polio in this country if we had the kind of false information that’s being spread now.

According to the state of Indiana, Gibson County has the second highest rate of infection of COVID-19.

Ian Gamroth, Princeton

Weighs in on OT dispute

The information on the Princeton Fire Territory pay issued is inaccurate! At least the part that the FLSA sets the pay for firefighters. The FLSA only sets that must be paid. Otherwise the city would have been written up at their last audit with the the State Board of Accounts! Further, the city didn’t pay out $1 million, the city paid out 30% of that and the township paid the bulk. Now, in a continued attempt by the city to usurp the authority of the township be not allowing the township, represented by the fire board which was establish to insure that we township citizens were properly represented. The city’s actual cost for city taxes is a third the the total! $1 million over five years means the city’s cost was around $66,000 per year! Bet they pay more than that out for other departments!

Richard Barr, Princeton


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