In our DNA?

If you are white (as I am) you are racist. We can’t help it. It’s not our fault. It’s in our DNA passed down to us through our parents, grandparents and ancestors hundreds of years ago.

This racism really reared its ugly head shortly after the Civil War during Reconstruction days as Southern, with the help of Northern racists, coerced the Black people through KKK and Jim Crow to “know and stay in their place” by denying them the right to vote, threats to their family, burning Black owned businesses, plus hundreds of lynchings. KKK and Jim Crow were successful for a hundred plus years.

The racist DNA that motivated the above is the same DNA that motivated rioters to storm our beloved Capitol building on Jan. 6 doing major physical damages, causing five deaths and threatening the very democracy we all say we love.

Adolph Hitler enslaved a whole “gullible” German country by repeating his big lie over and over that the Jews were a threat to them and the whole world, resulting in World War II and the Holocaust that killed six million Jews in Hitler’s gas ovens.

The big lie we’ve been fed over and over prior to and following our November election was “if we lose it’ll be through fraud” and since our opponent won a fair election by millions of votes, “our landslide election has been stolen from us” resulting in millions of our “gullible” good people believing the “big lie” and through heated and inflammatory speech sent them to storm the United States Capitol building.

Fixing the problem is complex. Our racist DNA is not our fault. Leaving it within and passing it on to our children is our fault. The Frenchman in “South Pacific” described it perfectly in his song “you’ve got to be taught to hate all the people your relatives’ve got to be carefully taught.” We can hold on to our racism till death do us part or we can begin the painful process of uprooting it and ridding it from our lives.

One good help is the best seller book “This Is Your Time” by Ruby Bridge who at the age of six integrated the New Orleans Public Schools in 1960.

A second really good book is “My Grandmother’s Hands” by Resmaa Menakem who presently serves St. Paul/Minneapolis schools and police department as special trauma counselor. Among his many other jobs, he served our U.S. military as special counselor to our forces and our civilian contractors in Afghanistan. He’s also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and with Dr. Phil.

Some evangelical leaders are beginning to ask themselves some questions such as “how” and “why” were we so gullible to blindly pledge our loyalty to a person flawed in morals, business deals and incompetent as a leader. Maybe we should take a page from them and do the same.

God bless all of us white racists and God bless the United States.

Rev. Bill Ping,

retired United Methodist pastor



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