They just don’t get it!

It is time for the citizens, of Indiana, to stop our legislators from opening a legislative session in Indianapolis.

Do any of their recent actions really benefit Indiana?

This latest “law” about driving slow in the left lane is another, of many, where there is no victim. All laws we can break without there being a victim are bad laws.

Think about all the laws on the books that leave no victim. They become just another tax source (extortion of “we the people”) of revenue to fill the coffers of the general fund of the State of Indiana (and all states) from citizens who are already over-burdened with taxes.

This type of law accomplishes two things:

1—makes citizens mad

2—gives police a bad name.

I keep hoping the police will wake-up to this taking of our rights and start taking their oath seriously and stop enforcing all these ‘c_ _ _ laws’.

We have much better things that could be done with our money than financing our corrupt judicial system and our jails.

I dream of us returning to a free society within my life time; and, at my age, that needs to be soon.

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