Andrea Howe

Andrea Howe

I’m not sure a community could be more proud of a notable daughter, but if Jackie Young keeps traveling down the path she’s on, I’m sure we will be.

It’s not just the records that she keeps shattering, or the latest national prize named after the inventor of the game of basketball, that goes on her list of awards.

It’s Jackie Young, the young woman, who causes a few grown men to tear up just a little bit when they realize what they’re watching on the basketball court.

It’s history being made here in Princeton by a young woman who started out playing ball with her older brother and his friends, and determined to be better and better.

I’m among the Jackie fans, not necessarily for her statistics, because I don’t keep track of them — although they are amazing.

I became a fan viewing her from the lens of a camera and listening to the few words that she chooses to use in public.

Going through the digital images of Jackie Young’s high school basketball career, I was amazed by her composure and determination in each shot.

When I wasn’t looking at her through the camera lens, I was amazed at her quiet, graceful manner.

And her humility.

She never hesitates to quietly make a point that it’s God Who has blessed her with a talent.

Last week State Rep. Tom Washburne made note, as Jackie was honored at the Indiana Statehouse, that she has her “head screwed on right.”

More importantly, as I hear her, I think she has her heart set right.

So I wasn’t surprised at all Thursday, when I glanced over my shoulder, to see Jackie’s aunt Lisa, standing by her mother Linda, wiping a tear from her eye.

They have every right to be proud of her.

I didn’t blink, or I might have teared up as well, and I had nothing to do with it other than punch the camera shutter button and be amazed at what I saw these past few seasons.

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