I switched away from one of the cable network “talking heads” programs when I could no longer bear the animus, and landed on another program.

I didn’t stay there long, either.

It seemed to be the same level of vitriol pouring out, from the opposite end of the political spectrum.

I’ve never been one to assert my political opinion toward a lot of people.

My opinions are complicated.

No one political party fits me. I just want open, bipartisan, civil government.

While public service and good government is important to me, I confess I look at the national, and some-

times even local political scenes with weari-


I’m not particularly outraged or incredulous regarding one party or the other.

I’m burdened.

Burdened, not even frustrated. It just feels heavy on my heart when people tackle one another, instead of tackling problems.

It’s my belief as a Christian that when Jesus told us to pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, He meant it — which would mean praying for one another and working together.

Even when we disagree, praying

for a way through

the disagreement.

I can’t hold others who don’t follow Christ to that rule. But I can pray for them. God loves them just as much as He loves me, so I should pray for a way for them to really know it and claim that love through salvation.

Maybe you or I might be the way for them to know it.

But we sure won’t be the way when we’re outraged or irritated, will we?

When we realize that we are all precious to Jesus, our attitudes toward one another should change.

Romans 12:16 (TPT) — Live happily together in a spirit of harmony, and be as mindful of another’s worth as you are your own...

Luke 6:28 (TPT) — When someone curses you, bless that person in return. When you are mistreated and harassed by others, accept it as your mission to pray for them.

Romans 13:8 (TPT) — ...continually love one another, for the one who learns to love has fulfilled every requirement of the law.

Proverbs 24:17 (TPT) — Never gloat when your enemy meets disaster and don’t be quick to rejoice if he falls.

Email Andrea Howe at andrea@pdclarion.com

— Email Andrea Howe at andrea@pdclarion.com

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