Andrea Howe

Andrea Howe

This past Sunday, around 40 people with ties to the Gibson County sports history books were honored in the inaugural class of the Greater Evansville Basketball Hall of Fame.

It’s not lost on those of us at The Daily Clarion that one of the people honored as a sports journalist at that event has probably written about just about all of the people with a Gibson County connection in that inaugural class.

Pete Swanson, our twice-retired sports editor, was among the honorees Sunday. I note that he’s twice-retired from The Daily Clarion, but to read our sports section these days, you might wonder if he ever left.

I’ve been in the daily newspaper business for 30-odd years now, and I have never worked with anyone so prolific and knowledgeable and dedicated.

With a recent staffing shortage here, Pete has stepped up to the plate to help us out while we search for a new sports editor. He generates local stories for our sports section daily, though he’s still officially retired.

He’s not driving all over creation following local athletes, but he did take a long ride up to Indy to cover the Miss Basketball announcement Thursday so that we could have the story in Friday’s edition.

In March, when we learned there was a chance that Jackie Young would win The Naismith Trophy, we couldn’t make a lot of calls to develop the story in advance, so I turned to Pete — the only guy I know who could write, from memory, about someone’s career.

He never disappoints, and his work is deeply appreciated by his Daily Clarion family.

Bill Brehm Jr., President of our parent company, Brehm Communications Inc., agrees: “I am so pleased to learn that Pete Swanson was recognized in the Greater Evansville Basketball Hall of Fame. Congratulations Pete! He is certainly in The Princeton Daily Clarion’s hall of fame for his continued dedication in contributing more sports stories, even after his retirement.

“We owe much to Pete already for his many years of great work. Now, he is pitching in again to help us on very important stories. I wish to thank Pete personally for his hard work for the newspaper and sports community in Princeton and surrounding schools. I know the entire staff of The Clarion, and of course the readers of The Clarion, appreciate your dedication.”

Tom Kirk, Vice President and COO of our parent company, added: “When I stopped in to visit The Daily Clarion market, the first thing people said to me when I visited the community was: ‘WE LOVE PETE!’”

Publisher Jeff Schumacher agreed that Pete’s “unwavering commitment to The Clarion readers and, more importantly, the athletes, is something I haven’t seen in quite some time.

“Take for instance, our current situation. We are without a sports editor, really using every resource we have. In comes Pete, with four or five stories a week for the front of our sports section. Who does that?

“He could easily be sipping an iced tea on his deck, or just enjoying a sporting event that one of his grandchildren are playing.

“But, he says things like, ‘The Clarion has been good to me, so I figured the least I can do is help you out.’

“I’m not sure you find that trait in many people anymore, but I’m glad I have the opportunity to watch Pete Swanson in action. He is truly a remarkable individual.”

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