Kyle Cummins hopes to drive regularly in a 2020 sprint car racing season in which his goal is to match what he did in 2019.

“We have the same car we had a year ago. We haven’t made any changes since then,” said the former Princeton Community soccer goalkeeper, basketball forward and track hurdler, who won all 8 of his 2019 Tri-State Speedway features and, on all tracks, won 16 times in 35 starts. He became the first sprinter to achieve an unbeaten season at Tri-State, and his fifth Midwest Sprint Car Series is one more than Brady Short in the series that began in 2001. Oakland City resident Hud Cone, the 2003 winner, is the only other Gibson Countian to win an MSCS season championship. The son of retired driver Mark Cummins owns a record 23 MSCS feature wins, his victory in last October’s Harvest Cup breaking a tie with Short.

As in 2019, Cummins began his current season in Florida. After winning a heat race, he placed second in the Valentine’s Night United States Auto Club (USAC) Winter Dirt Games feature on the Bubba Raceway in Ocala, Fla. A night later he placed ninth in the feature there.

“We were supposed to race last weekend at Brownstown Speedway, but that program was postponed,” said the 32-year-old husband of former Princeton Community cheerleader Kelsey Brigttingham. So he is next scheduled to race Sat., April 18, in Tri-State’s season-opening Spring Showdown, to include MSCS and USAC drivers.

“We’d like to get our season going, but I understand the shutdowns and I feel for the people who have contracted coronavirus,” Cummins said. “And the more time I’m away from racing, the more time I can put into my business.”

Cummins is the sole owner of Haubstadt-based Newtech Precision Machine, the company he has had about 12 years since finishing Vincennes University classes.


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