EVANSVILLE — Liz Angermeier, Claire Jones and Allie Sensmeir started playing golf because of the love of the sport by another family member.

Angermeier and Sensmeier came to the sport from following their older sisters — Julia Angermeier and Megan Sensmeier — around on the golf course during middle school.

“I remember following my sister Megan around when I was younger so that is how I got my start probably in the sixth or seventh grade,” Sensmeier said.

Angermeier added, “I am really glad that Julia led the way and got me involved in the sport.”

For Jones it was her grandpa, Jim Lamey who introduced her to the game.

Unlike her two classmates, Jones did not get her start until her freshman year.

“Grandpa got me started when I was a freshman and I had to start from scratch,” Jones explained. “But once I got the hang out of, I am really glad he got me into the sport.”

This past weekend, the trio of Gibson Southern seniors were able to accomplish something no other golf team in school history were able to obtain — reaching the IHSAA State Championships.

And for Angermeier and Sensmeier, that meant family bragging rights.

“Outside of my parents, my sisters have been my biggest supporters but yeah I got to have some fun with rubbing it in Megan’s face a little bit about getting to state,” Allie said with a laugh.

Angermeier was able to do the same and she even got spoiled a little bit from her role model.

“As a sister, I couldn’t help but tell her ‘hey we made it to state and you didn’t.’ I just couldn’t help it,” the younger Angermeier said with a smile from ear-to-ear. “But she’s not mad about it. She told my parents if I got a certain score she would buy me dinner here or dinner there for a lower score...so we are going out to eat (last) Wednesday.”

Both of Sensmeier’s sisters were able to make the trip to the state meet this past weekend, as did the older Angermeier.

Jones’ grandfather has been by her side every step of the way this season and entire postseason.

Although their senior season will be one to remember, all three talked about struggles over the years.

“There’s been times where I just could not hit the ball the way I wanted to and it was so frustrating,” Sensmeier said. “Kevin Wassmer is my swing coach and we have had to restructure my swing a few times over the years. But it was just a progression.”

Angermeier struggled with consistency.

“One day I could shoot the best score of my life and then the next I would be in the 50’s,” she said. “It was just so hard, at times, to recover and be able to stay in the right mentality.”

Early on, Jones questioned herself if she wanted to continue playing the sport.

“This game involves so much patience and everyone who knows me knows I do not have a lot of patience,” she said. “I remember telling my grandpa this was not the right sport for me and I just wanted to be done with it. But he kept pushing me along and I loved it.”

And it all came together for the trio this season.

“I think I just matured a lot this season,” Sensmeier said.

Angermeier added, “we really just became a lot closer as a team this season and we all wanted to do well for each other.”

Jones mentioned the seniors wanted to have a successful year for not only themselves but also for the three other members of the varsity team — Hillary Humbaugh, Jessie Irvin and Vanessa Schmitt.

“It’s a big deal to us, but we didn’t just want it for ourselves,” Jones explained. “We knew this may be their best chance to get to state in while so we wanted to do it for them too.”

Not many people may remember what place the team finished at the state finals or what their score was.

But the name Angermeier, Jones and Sensmeier are sure to be remembered for a while to come.

It may even be talked about with their next generation.

“It’s the highlight of my senior year and I have no regrets,” Sensmeier said of the feat. “We will have our picture on the wall (Gibson Southern Wall of Fame) and someday maybe I can show my kids.”

Angermeier and Jones echoed the same sentiments.

“It will be cool if my kids play golf and I can say ‘we went to state and you can too’,” Angermeier said. “It can be motivation for others to get there. And I think it will also be cool to come back here for class reunions and talk about all the fun we had.”

Said Jones, “It’s always going to be something we will never forget. Golf has been very important to all of us. Looking back later on maybe we can tell our kids about it and maybe it will get them involved in the sport...there were just so many memories made on and off the course.”

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