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Throughout the day and night, in downtime, I often scroll through Twitter.

Me on Twitter is a shock, I know (sarcasm font).

A few weeks ago I came across a coach complaining about how kids should only tweet when they commit to a college program instead of everytime they receive an offer.

Stop it!

Being recruited is an exciting time for any high school athlete.

It does not matter if they are being recruited by a JUCO program, NAIA, NCAA DIII or the higher level programs at the DI and DII programs.

If a kid wants to “brag” about how coveted they are by listing all of their offers, more power to the kid.

That’s awesome.

It may be the only time in their life they are recruited because what happens tomorrow is not guaranteed and never promised.

As a reporter, I love all the updates because it helps make my job easier.

As a sports fan, I also love it because your high school days are all about having fun and enjoying the moment!

Part of the aforementioned tweet also read, “everyone knows if you are good or not.”

I don’t see the tweets from the athletes announcing their offers as, ‘hey look at me I have to be really good because I have this many college offers.’

I simply regard them as an athlete who is proud of the effort they have put into their craft.

Maybe it’s also for other coaches to see who all they are competing against.

But I cannot stress enough how onboard I am to take a step back and let the kids enjoy their moment.

If you oppose this, then why are you even following the person?

I would much rather see a kid tweet about his/her future than read about all the violence, hatred, corruptness and everything else negative which is going on in this world today!

Earlier this week, a big boys basketball recruit in Southern Indiana held a press conference to announce which program he would be choosing to continue his playing career.

The next day I came across a post on social media from a fan criticizing the kid for picking the program he did saying, “that’s a poor decision.”

Please don’t be this person either.

I am guessing the person has this viewpoint because the player did not choose the college program of their (fan) liking.

So be it.

At the end of the day, this is a high school kid who is making a decision which will impact his life. It should be no one else’s concern other than the kid and his family.

But I guess this is just the reality of decisions and social media today.

If someone makes a choice another person does not agree with, then it’s a travesty.

That, to me, is the biggest problem in the world today. And it applies to everything in life, not just sports or politics or this or that.

We are always trying to tear someone down instead of wish them the best of luck and move on.

We can do better.

We have to do better.

But back to the original point of this space…

Kids nowadays are working on their craft year around. They do not have much free time to enjoy life.

So let’s not take something else away from them, especially when they have put in the blood sweat and tears to EARN their offers.

If you are an athlete and reading this, tweet away those offers.

Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

Let the whole world know what options you have.

And say it louder for those in the back of the room!

Travis David is the Daily Clarion Sports Editor and can be reached at 812-220-4843 or sports@pdclarion.com. Follow him on Twitter @PDCprepsports and @Tdavid_21.

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